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Quickly [Nov. 28th, 2005|03:24 pm]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |Sometimes Southern California Wants to be Western New York]

So I was sitting watching Sex and the City and I was watching one of my favorite episodes. Carrie's book party. You know the one where Samantha has a chemical peel. Anyways I've heard this dialog before but I think that night I really heard it. And I was like wow. Here it is and it kinda capsulesates how I am feeling right now. Well except for the divorce thing.

Charlotte: There are some things that people don't say because they don't like the way it sounds. Like I am getting a divorce.

Carrie: I'm lonely. I am. The loneliness is palpable.

[User Picture]From: fallenangel2003
2005-11-29 12:57 am (UTC)

poor baby no need to be lonely

awww...you need to call me hon. i miss you muchly
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[User Picture]From: soundwave80
2005-11-30 02:35 am (UTC)
xoxoxo :-P
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